Information about surf

Here you will find information about how to refill your surf, prices for refilled surf, and sms with notifications.

Frequently asked questions about surf

Will I be notified when I've surfer up a certain amount of data?

Yes, by 80% and 100% you will get a respective text. Consumption procent. By 100% the speed for surf will be slowed down to 32kbit/s.

How do I refill my surf?

You can refill your surf by texting amount of choice to 71140. Be aware of that it may be locked for refill, in that case contact support by telephony authority and alternatively our support.
You can also refill several times.
1GB – SEK 50
3GB – SEK 125
5GB – SEK 195
10GB – SEK 295

Why do I get a text when I've reached 80% of data even though I've refilled?

It’s due to the fact that when you refill surf the total is increasing. For example; if I have 6GB surf then I will have 7GB if I add 1GB. The consumption will therefore also be updated. If I’ve used 6GB surf then it means 6 of 7GB consumption, which is 6/7 = ~85%.

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