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In MySoluno, Soluno’s own self-service portal, you as an administrator can log in and manage your company switch yourself, at the time that suits you.

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Visiting address: Lumaparksvägen 9,
120 31 Stockholm
Phone: 010-410 50 00


Visiting address: Fabriksgatan 7,
412 50 Gothenburg
Phone: 010-410 50 00


Visiting address: Schaardijk 372
2909 LA Capelle aan den IJssel
Phone: +3188 – 00 372 37


Soluno BC AB
Fack 1197
FE 779, 751 75 Uppsala

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We at Soluno are experts when it comes to business telephony and we will be more than happy to assist you if you have any questions. Whether you have questions about your existing services, questions about the delivery of a new service, billing questions or general questions, we are ready to help you. We do everything we can to make your business telephony work flawlessly and to give you a world-class service. Never hesitate to contact us!

You can reach us on 010-410 50 00 or at

Soluno's self-service portal - MySoluno

Soluno's self-service portal - MySoluno

We at Soluno have created a user-friendly self-service portal for those who like to solve things when it suits them. In MySoluno, you, who are the administrator of your company PBX, can log in and take care of errands yourself, quickly and easily. You can do a lot of things in MySoluno. For example, you can set up ACD groups and button selection menus. You can change, delete and create new mobile subscriptions. You can retrieve Pin and PUK code, send configuration sms, see data usage and much more.

The portal can be found at and you log in with your PBX details. Note that you need to be an admin to reach the portal.

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