Broadband expansion with SpaceX Starlink

To follow up on my previous blogpost, although this time through an international perspective, we continue the topic of broadband. Similarly, to Sweden, we, as a global nation as well as individual countries, are looking to expand internet access above the current 50% in the world. In addition, we are also aiming to bridge the … Continued

Sweden investing in broadband expansion

Whether you’re browsing internet on your phone, holding an online event, or simply sending an email – there is nothing more frustrating than an unstable internet connection. With that said, in an increasingly digitalized and globalized world, a fast, reliable internet connection is crucial for both individuals and businesses. In fact, both rely on broadband … Continued

Our OPEN MIND:ER Pierre Weintraub

Pierre works as a Commercial Account Manager in our Wholesale team. Having previously worked with Partner, he recently moved to the Wholesale team to help support our Swedish Wholesale partners. In his role he consistently works to make sure that our Wholesale partners have everything they need to run operations smoothly, whether it be general … Continued