Our OPEN MIND:ER Måns Lindman

Måns joined Soluno as an essential key to help us launch the extensive project of MyAcademy. For MyAcademy, he is a manager of the platform and is part of all integral steps from planning, to development to launch and continued management of material. He is also the key to onboarding users and interested parties. Always … Continued

Cloud Contact Centres: Future-Proofing Your Customers’ Customer Comms

Taking a sledgehammer to crack a nut is rarely a good idea. All that wasted energy simply can’t be justified. Similarly, imposing a monolithic technological solution on a business which simply doesn’t need it, amounts to over-engineered folly. So it often is with contact centres. Back in the day, there was only one way: a hard-wired, mega-capacity network connection; eye-watering call-handling complexity; and wallet-draining implementation management that took months to deliver. The cloud has changed all of that, of course. Or has it?