5 apps to help you save time in your work day

Nobody likes to waste time on unnecessary things, that’s pretty obvious. But something that surely everyone likes is to save time on necessary things. Juggling a hectic work life with many things to keep track of, at the same time, is not always easy. When you complain that you are stressed, some people answer with … Continued

Green home office – Work sustainably from home

Due to the pandemic, more people are working from home than ever. And when proven successful, it’s become apparent that it may become a permanent solution for some companies. With traditional offices possible becoming the past, so will also some of its environmental footprint. However, instead of completely disappearing, it will follow us into the … Continued

Our OPEN MIND:ER Wilhelm Ålander

Wilhelm Ålander, our Junior Product Manager, always contributes with his positive energy and motivation to our awesome Product team that plans, develops and  maintains our product and services. Wilhelm  started at Soluno last year because he thought that Soluno, in a conservative field, dares to think outside the box. A company where one is always … Continued

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