Chatbots: How Automated FAQ Functionality Can Power Your Profitability

For the time-starved customer with a question, using a chatbot means there is no need to call and sit in a queue for a human operative; or be bounced between departments in search of a resolution to their issue. For the service provider, there is no need to deploy an expensive and often-ineffective call centre function with all of the associated, resource-sapping costs which conspire against bottom-line growth. In today’s always-on world, the automated chatbot is the 24/7 antidote to costly, often-sluggish human customer service endeavours.

Our OPEN MIND:ER Emma Libeck

Emma Libeck is one of our latest stars in our fantastic Support team and in her role as First Line Technician, she helps customers with their support errands. After her previous job in a jewelry store, Emma was ready for  a new adventure and in a new field, and has despite the challenges that comes … Continued

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