Story, Heart and Courage

Heart and courage Throughout the ages human beings’ two principal attributes have been the capacity to cooperate and communicate.

Our story

A route we have enlisted technology to enhance our capacity. Nobody could dispute that what humans have achieved is fantastic. Today we have made our world boundless, along with our opportunities for cooperation. And Soluno has been involved in contributing to a very small part of that route as pioneers, paving the way for others.

We might think it is a major achievement, but we are only at the start of what is possible. One thing is for sure. Humankind has arrived at a point in its development where our capacity for cooperation and understanding is crucial. That’s why our work is so important. We exist in order to bring people and businesses together.

Our technology and skills are building relationships, cooperation and understanding. Few things are of greater importance – and we view it as our responsibility. We have always been pioneers, and now is the time to shape tomorrow’s communication solutions. What they will be capable of remains to be seen. What we do know is that Soluno’s business communications will be a part of it. With heart and courage we are building the future together.

History – Background

In January 2017, SolusBC and Uno telephony formed the joint company Soluno Business Communications AB. Soluno is the single largest and most expansive operator-independent actor in the Nordic market. One company with a common technical platform offers the best possible prerequisites for continued expansion in Sweden and internationally.

SEB PE (Private Equity) is new principal owner in the merged company. SolusBC and Uno have both enjoyed excellent development and view SEB PE as a partner that can contribute expertise and capital for continued growth. The merger gives the companies a strong position in Sweden as the largest operator-independent supplier of cloud switchboards and Unified Communications and at the same time resources to implement an international expansion and continue to further develop the service.

SolunoBC is expected to turn over about SEK 175 million in the Swedish market during 2017, with 55 employees now located in the offices in Stockholm and Göteborg.

Its market share is 10%, which makes Soluno the third largest integrator in the Swedish market after Telia and Telenor.
Uno Telefoni was set up in 2004 by Andreas Johnsson and Johan Wogel, who developed and ran the company successfully until the sale to SEB. Both Andreas and Johan are staying at Soluno in key positions in the company and remaining as co-owners.

SolusBC was set up in 2008 by Martin Norling and Joachim Brandt. The company’s focus has always been on offering services at the cutting edge of technology and retaining an operator-independent position in the Swedish market. Like Uno telephony, the company has enjoyed excellent growth and profitability. As with Uno’s owners, Martin and Joachim have decided to stay in the company with a smaller participating interest and roles in the new organisation.

Sponsoring & CSR

Soluno is actively engaged in sponsoring, CSR and networks focused on sport and club activities. The ambition is to participate where it is possible to contribute, strengthen and develop activities or functions which make a positive contribution to civic participation We want to try to primarily assist and support children and youth activities with a sporting focus. We sponsor associations with a focus on team sports, both activities for children and those with a broad basis, as well as elite sports.

It feels right for Soluno to provide support and contribute what it can as a company to different types of civic participation. Soluno can and will be visible and strengthen its brand in contexts associated with enterprise, drive and positivism. Participating in major contexts that involve a lot of people, including businessmen and women, is also a cost-effective way to expand our business network, develop the brand and find interesting collaborative partners and new customers.

Soluno provides support based on an overall perspective, which means that we want to include everything from grass roots to elite, for children, youths, girls & boys, women and men in order to ensure good distribution of the inputs that are made. The inputs vary and can extend over different time intervals and periods.

We are currently sponsoring club activities throughout Sweden, including Frölunda Indians, IFK Göteborg, BK Häcken, Djurgårdens IF, Malmö Redhawks, BK Heid, Qviding FIF and Grunden Bois. Important social issues to which we contribute are the Swedish Childhood Cancer Foundation, Plan, UNHCR, Cykelgirot, Åttans spårvagn and Non-violence. The last-mentioned involves training programmes for children and young people provided by the Non-Violence foundation, and Frölunda HC’s non-violence training sessions in the youth section and the academy.

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