The secret to smart call analysis

Have you thought about how some companies are doing so well when it comes to their support?

Obviously having a knowledgeable and dedicated staff is a super important part of the whole thing. But something else that is extremely important is information. Information about the customer who calls in and information about the communication patterns for your particular company. Information is power and the more information you have access to, the more precise decisions you can make regarding the company’s exchange, staffing and opening hours.

Traditional fixed telephony is slowly dying out and is being replaced instead with smart cloud-based office phone system. Something that seems quite natural as more and more systems are becoming cloud-based in general. And with the new virtual technology comes a plethora of smart features that you can put on top of your phone system to get a more holistic view of how your business is communicating with your customers.

Real-time call analysis

Call analytics is something that virtual telephone systems can provide in a new and integrated way. With this technology you can follow your company’s conversation pattern in real time, then you can see what is happening right now. Analyzing historical data can help you make overall decisions about your telephony, but if you can also see what is happening here and now, you can quickly act where change is required.

Many leaders and managers are hesitant to invest in systems for call analysis, as they are worried that they will get quantities of complicated numbers that will take time to get into and analyze. But the fact is that these types of analyzes are usually easy and well-designed so that they should be immediate to understand. In most cases, it only takes a few minutes to get started and learn this kind of service.

Soluno’s own call analysis services

Soluno were early in the market with our cloud-based office phone system, which has given us many years of experience in the field. Based on these experiences, both from our own experiences and those we have learned from customers, we have built our own call analysis services. In this way, we have been able to create products that we know we want to use ourselves.

Callboard – take the temperature on your telephony

How does your telephony performing right now? Without the right tools, this can be extremely difficult to answer. And certainly, it can be great to sit down and delve in to conversation lists and get important statistics for KPIs and such. But imagine being able to see, in real time, how your office phone systems works. That was the dream we ourselves had, and that is why we built the Callboard service.

Callboard is, as the name indicates, a virtual board where you can follow everything that has to do with the company’s phone calls. You can, directly in the interface, see which calls are currently active. Who called who, how long the caller had to wait for an answer and how long the call lasted. You can see if the call was transfered and if so, who it was connected too. Here you can see, in real time, how telephony works at your particular company.

In addition to the call list, you can choose to display up to four statistics boxes with aggregate information about different answer groups. See number of incoming calls, number missed, number dialed and so on.

What is perhaps most popular among our customers is the top list. Here, your colleagues can compete against each other and it becomes extra clear who is performing well that day. You can choose to display one or two response groups and you can choose to measure incoming or outgoing calls. A perfect solution for companies that want to work with gamification and spur their colleagues a little extra through competitions.

Callboard is part of Analytics

The Callboard feature is included in the Analytics add-on package. In this package you also get Wallboard and Reports, two features that, together with Callboard, provide you with all the information you need to make more data-driven decisions about your customer service and telephony. Want to read more Analytics? Then you will find more information here.

By Elin Gunnarsson
Content Manager
In a time of "it must happen now" it is of the utmost importance to have the right communication solutions.

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