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Telia is a company that most people recognize and is a carrier that is used extensively in Sweden. Of course, for those companies that want Telia as a carrier, we can supply this together with Soluno's cloud PBX.
Soluno <3 Telia

Soluno <3 Telia

Soluno’s PBX is completely carrier independent and therefore works just as well with whatever carrier you choose. If you want Telia as a carrier, we are happy to help you with this. If you want to compare what it could cost with our exchange together with different carriers, you can do so in our price indicator.

Telia is a company that most people know of. They offer many different solutions for individuals and companies. Telia delivers mobile phones, meeting services, digital tools, telephony, broadband and PBX service for your company. Whether you have a small, medium or big size company, they have a solution suited for you. 

You can always count on simplicity when using services from Telia, there is a solution for everyone. You can also easily reach their support for help by email, chat or phone. You can also troubleshoot on their website where you simply follow the instructions on the screen. 


Under MyBusiness company customers can handle bills, subscription, error report, keep track of costs and find your PUK-code. Here you will find all your errands collected in a clear overview that is easily accessible.

  • Fast solutions and good support
  • Big supply of company solutions
  • Fits all companies, small as well as large
  • Collective overview in MyBusiness
Want a price proposal with Telia company subscription?
Soluno is completely carrier independent. Do you want a price proposal for a business subscription from Telia together with Soluno's cloud PBX? Fill in your contact details and we will help you further.
About Telia Company

About Telia Company

Telia has developed smart solutions for various different fields. In the bank- and finance field there’s an option of digitalized bank meetings, which in turn makes it possible for banks to create positive customer experience. For real estate a digitalization can provide you with saving in building projects and can also swiftly provide connection with new tenants during new construction. 

Telia company also provides solutions for other sectors such as healthcare whereas you can provide better care quality and better communication between unit and patient. Within retail you’re met with the technical generation. E-commerce is continually expanding and has to meet requirements customers expect, which Telia empowers. 

An extensive digitalization of companies within different sectors provides a more safe and efficient environment to work in. The workplace increasingly becomes better for both personnel as well as customers. Security and availability are crucial core values and there are smart solutions no matter company needs. 

Telias Company Subscription

Telia has many different benefits when choosing company subcsription. Telephony services are included without extra fees and you have many different services that can improve your customer experience that calls await; callback, call diversion, and trialogue. You will always have a distinct bill that show Swedish calls, international calls, mobile calls, paid calls and number services.

Telia company includes technical support in your company subscription. They will aid you in technical issues if they appear during connection och you will get further referral the next 3 months if you move or change number. With this bundle you can complete your services with broadband and upgrade to Telia Office.

You can connect analog telephone, fax, card reader or modem with a company subscription. With this base you will quickly have a safe connection to internet through the phone plug if you want broadband. You pay a single fee and after that a monthly fee for this type of service.

Telia Mobile broadband company

Telia Mobile broadband company

They offer a fast broadband that has been raised to 300 Mbit/s for all surf amounts. They have four different surf amounts; 20 GB, 50GB, 100 GB and 500 GB. You have access to Telia wifi, Swedens biggest wifi-net and 4G coverage over 74% of Sweden.

Telia company makes it easy to navigate on the website and shows different charts of how long the surf lasts on different bundles if you don’t know how much is needed. If you have more than 150 hours of meetings over Skype or a lot of video conferences, you should go for 500 GB.

If you don’t use the internet or surf that much, a smaller bundle is recommended. If the surf should run out you can easily buy extra surf with sms from the router or on the website. You can buy from 1 GB up to 10 GB extra and thereafter it will instantly be updated.

About Telia's company subscription and other services

Background och quick facts about Telia

Telia is Sweden’s oldest and biggest operator. The company has existed since 1853, when it was founded as a government agency and authority. Over the years Telia has changed name a couple of times. At first it was called Kongl. Elecktriska Telegraf-Werket and was later changed to Televerket. Today the official name is Telia Sverige AB. 

For many years Telia had monopoly on the telecommunication network in Sweden. It wasn’t a statutory monopoly but during a long time there were simply no other actors on the market that could compete with Telia. During the 1980s more actors started to prevail on the market and Telia was soon not alone on the market. 

Today Telia is still one of the most appreciated and popular companies in telephony and broadband. They have 6700 coworkers and invest billions in building the new digital society. 

Support och customer service

You can contact support by telephone on weekdays between 8:00-18:00. On holidays the support is closed. Phone contact may be a good alternative if you find it easier to speak directly to someone to solve your issue. The Chat has the same business hours and here you can fast get in contact with support.

If you choose to mail support they will by rule answer within one workday. If your concern is urgent you can check MyBusiness to troubleshoot or solve your issue there, where it’s available around the clock for customers. Then you many times won’t have to wait until the next weekday.

To choose Telia as supplier for your company allows you to customize the services after your needs. You can adapt and adjust your choices depending on size of the company, field, budget or wishes. In speed with requirements increasing in society, products and field specific solutions is delivered to your company after your needs.

Telia APN settings

To use MMS and surf in your mobile you need to set your APN-settings. Iphone, Android and other units may however have different ways to change the settings. All information that you need to fill in is accessible on Telias website and you can download guides on the website, mail and sms.

For a mobile with Android you go to settings and then to wireless wifi and on mobile network. There you can choose access point name and click on menu and choose a new APN. Thereafter you fill in the information and settings for APN that you can find on the website and then you need to restart your mobile.

If you have an Iphone you go to settings and then to mobile network. Choose mobile data network and fill in the information and settings from the website. When you’re finished you need to restart your phone, thereafter the configuration is finished and you can start using surf and mms.

Telia Sense

Telia Sense is a function that allows you to connect your car to internet. If you own a newer car, this affordable function consists of a small device and a subscription, allowing you to quickly make sure that your car is connected. 

If your company spends a lot of time traveling this is a great add-on option. As part of Telia company this means you can have driving journal, parking assistant and wifi in the car. In essence, you can be connected even during longer car rides and is well suited for company cars. 

You can therefore be continuously connected even if you’re out on company errands. You may also easily see where your car is parked and will be warned if it leaves the parking spot. If you should encounter parking damage you will get a push notification directly in your mobile. You can also pay parking tickets with EasyPark directly in the app. 

Telia Touchpoint

Telia offer a flexible cloud service. There is no curing period and the fee is calculated per user. It’s simple and easy to get started, and you don’t need to install any hardware. You may for example sync with an Apple Watch to update status.

Telia company has put together this PBX service and it suits small companies first and foremost. The included features in the service is answer groups with welcome message, mobile numbers for all, free calls within the company, voicemail, number representation, settings directly in the app that you easily can update as well as support.

A new feature is Touchpoint conference where you can easily create phone meetings directly in the app. This service allows you to try it for free for three months. There are also additional services that you can purchase. A few examples of these are fixed phone numbers, call history, telephony support, softphone and IP-telephony.

Updated 2019