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Telenor company is the collective name for the services offered for companies. This includes services such as connection to the network through fiber or mobile broadband and mobile PBX.
Soluno <3 Telenor

Soluno <3 Telenor

Soluno’s PBX is completely carrier independent and therefore works just as well with whatever carrier you choose. If you want Telenor as a carrier, we are happy to help you with this. If you want to compare what it could cost with our exchange together with different carriers, you can do so in our price indicator.

Let’s have a closer look at the company Telenor and the services they offer companies in Sweden and internationally. Their success in communication is not only based on the earlier monopoly within Norway’s borders, but also on an extensive experience in the field whereas they were founded as early as 1855. 

Telenor company is the collection name of the services they offer companies. This includes services such as connection to the network through fibers or mobile broadband or mobile PBX. The company consistently works to improve and develop their services simultaneously as they continue to expand on the international market for communication.

Below you can read more about all these services and how they’re used. Read more about mobile PBX, APN-settings and fiber connection for companies and of mobile connections to internet. Reliable and effective communication services are among the most important aspects of a companies success in further expansion. 

  • Telenor is a Norwegian telecommunication company. 
  • Telenor services are available in Sweden by for example Telenor Sweden, Bredbandsbolaget and Glocalnet.
  • Telenor has many company solutions like mobile PBX, fiber connection and mobile internet.  
About Telenor Company

About Telenor Company

Telenor ASA telecommunication company is based in Norway and is also one of the countries biggest publicly traded companies. During 2014 they had 35 000 people and had a turnover of NOK 106,540 billion. The company is also active in Sweden where they provide services such as telephony, digital tv and broadband. 

The Telenor company Swedes recognize includes Glocalnet and Bredbandsbolaget, whereas we have access to all their services. A well known and fully owned affiliate company is Canal Digital whom provides many Swedes with digital tv. In Sweden the company has their head office in Stockholm. 

Telenor was founded as early as 1855, then as Norway’s telegrafverk. In 1969 they changed their name to Televerket and in 1994 they changed it to their current name. During this time the company was also restructured to a state owned stock company. Telenor had monopoly on private telephony in Norway uptil 1998. 

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About Telenors company subscription

Telenor has numerous generous offers for companies. Among those are offers that include mobile phones such as iPhone SE, iPhone 8, Sony Xperia XZ2. The price varies depending on the amount of surf you choose up to 100 GB/month, and is often times a subscription of 24 months. 

Telenor company also offer the service Company bundle EU. This bundle includes calls freely within companies all over the world. Within EU/ESS you may also send MMS and SMS to the same price as in Sweden and you can also surf in the same region without any extra fees. 

As a new company customer you have option to try the subscription for 30 days. Should you have any regrets within the predestined time you can cancel the subscription without risk of extra fees. In addition, they also offer safe cloud storage up to 100 GB with Capture. You can easily use the service through an app. 

About Telenor company subscription and other services

About Telenor One

Telenor One is a collective name for the companies mobile PBX solutions. The base service itself offers the possibility for companies to gain access to PBX functions directly in your mobile. The service entails that mobiles replace land lines but to the same price and with same reliability. When a company chooses to start using the service they may keep their landline phone number. 

Telenor company is consistently working to develop and provide services that makes life easier for companies. Through the mobile PBX companies can avoid hassle by having a physical PBX and also in turn avoids fees that it entails. All services in the mobile PBX can be handled through an app. 

Telenor One has three core services that are always included. All of them are aimed to take care of and answer incoming calls. These services includes cue management, answer groups and night connection. In an answer group more coworkers can be active and log in and out themselves of the service. Cue management makes sure no calls are missed. 

About Telenor mobile broadband for companies

With Telenor companies can subscribe to mobile broadband. All mobile broadbands for companies include 4G and the cloud storage function Capture, with access to 100 GB, always included. The ability to try to the company subscription for 30 days also applies to mobile broadband for companies. In that way the service can be evaluated before making a decision. 

Via Telenor company your company can acquire a mobile broadband with three different options for surf amount; 20 GB, 100 GB and 200 GB. You can also choose if the subscription is binding or not. You can expect monthly costs to be higher without binding time. For example 399 kr/month for 100 GB instead of 349 kr/month for the same subscription. 

When a company uses the mobile broadband subscription the amount of surf is valid in all countries within EU/ESS. That means that surf within the specified regions won’t result in extra costs. Telenor also offer the possibility of buying equipment for a lower price when a subscription is signed. This could for example be a tablet. 

About Telenors fiber offers for companies

Telenor offers a fixed broadband for companies. The service is called Internet Connect and provides companies with an adjustable internet connection. The connection has speed up to 10 Gbit/s. The service is available all over Sweden and has support for both IPv4 and IPv6, and SLA is included and upgradable. 

With fiber via Telenor company the network is built in a redundant structure. Furthermore, this means that an issue is encountered there’s alternative paths for internet traffic. Telenor also claim that they have low rate for bundle loss, jitter and delays. Their network is available in all national connective points. 

Between Telenor network and other big operator networks, there are direct connections called “direct peering”. With aid from the technique the traffic can move directly to the big operators network without have to pass through any connective points. They also offer various security services such as protection against DDos attacks and firewalls. 

About Telenor APN settings

APN stands for Access point name and has to be provided to, via a mobile unit, connect to the internet. It’s a communication protocol that’s connection-oriented and used in data network services such as 3GPP specified. A few examples of these services include Evolved packet core (EPC) and GPRS. 

The settings are usually sent, including information that is required for APN, for mobile broadband and mobile surf when having called a landline number or sent an SMS to the given phone number. This method isn’t always functioning and the alternative is to write in the APN information manually. 

What the APN settings look like depends on the supplier you’re using. With a simple search on the net or a visit to the suppliers website you can find the information you need to provide. To set Telenor APN you need to state

About Telenor, History, Economic facts, distribution, support

As previously mentioned, Telenor was founded as early as 1855 and had monopoly on Norway’s land lines uptil 1998. Today they are a state owned stock company with both national and international services. Their head office is based in Fornebu, Norway. The head office in Sweden is based in Stockholm. 

The report that Telenor released in 2013 shows a high revenue and tremendous success. In 2015 they had a turn over of 105.6 billions Norwegian kronors and made 20 million new unique subscribers. This year the number increased to 186 million customers and includes both national and international customers. 

These numbers can be compared with the report for 2016 when the number of mobile customers increased to 214 millions. During that year, they were one of the most prominent mobile service supplier in Norway, Serbia, Montenegro and Bulgaria. Telenors customer service can be reached in several ways, by phone or email, and has a reputation of being very helpful. 

Telenor has many solutions

If you have a company, whether big or small, you can always find a solution for communication with Telenor. It’s possible to subscribe to customizable services that expand with the company such as the cloud PBX. The service can also be integrated with existing land based PBX. 

Communication is crucial in companies today. Connectivity to network, ability to use SMS/MMS and call, whenever and however is of utmost importance for most companies. Telenor has a company bundle that offers effective solutions for all communication points and also sell hardware. 

Whom needs a network connection can choose mobile network eller on fiber through Telenor. As add-on to the internet services there’s also numerous security actions such as firewalls and protection against overload attacks. Companies can activate or deactivate add-ons as they expand or change. In that way the service can be fitted to current needs.