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For a company to have a stable and reliable telephony solution is of utmost importance for both customers and company. Tele2 has a stable 4G network that can provide 99% of the population with great coverage.
Soluno <3 Tele2

Soluno <3 Tele2

Soluno’s PBX is completely carrier independent and therefore works just as well with whatever carrier you choose. If you want Tele2 as a carrier, we are happy to help you with this. If you want to compare what it could cost with our exchange together with different carriers, you can do so in our price indicator.

Tele2 is a field leading actor in telephony solutions. With 25 years of experience in the field they can consistently offer both single telephony solutions as well as extensive collective bundles for both individuals and companies. It’s smooth to have everything collected in one and same place, and therefore offer covering solutions for the entire company. 

To have a stable and reliable telephony solution is of utmost importance for both customers and company. Tele2 Company focuses on practical and longstanding solutions aimed for both small and big companies. In the supply range for companies there are mobile telephony, mobile broadband and telephone PBX. 

Something often appears to be an issue regarding telephony solutions is connection. This actor has undergone an expansion whereas coverage and network has been prime focus, and next in line is 5G. Communication solutions such as IT-drift and integration services are offered to small and big companies.

  • Full coverage telephony solutions for your company
  • Ability to use Tele2 self service portal
  • Avoid hassle by leasing company phones
  • Works to some level even outside of Sweden
  • Immediately receive information about eventual disruptions
About Tele2 company

About Tele2 company

Tele2 is a prominent actor on the market and has two different directions that the supply focuses on. The company section aims to enable practical and reliable solutions that work for the entire company. As a company you can choose to buy a complete bundle or customize your own to fit the company best. 

Tele2 Company offer guidance by a knowledgeable advisor with expertise in company solutions to enable ways to fit the companies different needs. The guidance is free and includes a company analysis which leads to different solution suggestions fitted to specific company needs and prerequisites. 

There are universal solutions with telephony services and it’s therefore an asset to be able to customize everything from number of mobile phones, subscription time or not, number of gigabyte per period and type of PBX telephony as well as functions it should include. If the user should be outside of Sweden you can continue to use the services. 

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About Tele2's company subscription and other services

About Tele2s company subscription

Tele2 offer your company an individually customized subscription. Here companies can choose whether you want a fixed or variable price on your call minutes, how much surf you need per period and how the setup for the company and employees should look.

Tele2 Company has an offer that consists of the customers that choose a subscription with a fixed price receive extra data cards free of cost. This can be an asset if the company uses a lot of surf. No binding times are included with Tele2 and a subscription isn’t connected to any hardware-

If your company should encounter that needs change in any way you can always make changes in the subscriptions, both through removing services as well as adding new. If you would like to cancel your subscription you can do it with immediate action and only need to pay for eventual hardware.

About Tele2 mobile broadband company

Tele2 has a stable 4G network that provides roughly 99% of the population with good coverage. You can choose up to 500 GB per period. If you choose to sign a subscription for mobile broadband for 24 months you receive a router that allows you to share the surf with remaining hardware at the office.

The mobile broadband that Tele2 Company offers works only in Sweden and roaming is automatically blocked beforehand. The data amount is very flexible and can always be adjusted to add on or remove from your company’s mobile broadband. The hardware available is USB-modem, regular router, mini-router or Car-Fi.

Car-Fi is a type of mobile broadband that fits well if the company’s employees travel by car a lot for work. The hardware is a kind of mini-router that easily connects in the cars 12 volt socket and allows up to 10 units simultaneously. This type of mobile broadband enables work from both computers and tablets while traveling.

About Tele2 Fiber offer for companies

If your company has crucial demands on connection, Tele2 Internet Pro is a suitable alternative. The service provides the user with fiber coupled with maximal drift security. This powerful backbone network enables the whole company to have  stable internet access.

Tele2 Company Internet Pro works through a company’s network connecting with the backbone network, which means that the entire office can surf in speed up to 1 GB per second. Tele2 has an airborne backbone network that has direct contact with majority of the other prominent carriers.

There are also other options for the actors alternatives for fiber. Mobile IP backup is a popular add-on that ensures a stable connection through setting up an alternative subscription. Another option is a napped equipment. This consists of hardware that is especially fitted to handle damp, dust and vibrations.

About Tele2 APN settings

Tele2 Company offer a APN service (access point name) that is company specific. This is a mobile solution that means that your company will be assigned to a specific APN name that can be configured in the mobile PBX from the actor coupled with the settings on different units and modem and points towards fixed connection.

In the company specific APN connection that Tele2 Company offer their customers, the subscriber is verified and is allowed access to access your company network, which allows companies to have a clear overview over what units have access to your company network.

There’s also possibility for customers with Tele2 Company to take part of different APN offers through purchasing other services such as mobile broadband. How these offers are formed may vary somewhat depending on what other services that company has purchased, therefore it’s valuable to compare the alternatives.

About Tele2, history, economic information och coverage

Today Tele2 is nearly the biggest supplier of mobile services for individuals as well as companies. They have been active for 25 år and was founded by Jan Stenbeck. Today Christina Stenbeck is taking the inheritance further, but the vision remains the same; to challenge and improve requirements after customer needs and requests.

Tele2 Sverige AB is part of the publicly listed European telecom carrier Tele2 AB. The company has an average revenue that can be measured up to roughly SEK 29 billion, whereof the movement result is measured up to approximately  SEK 2.1 billions. They have expanded their presence through continuously challenging and by applying a re-thinking panoply.

Today Tele2 has a reach of 99.9% av Swedens population. They were first in releasing a national 4G mobile network and now prepare to enable a smooth transition to the updated 5G network. The predecessor 4G is the underlying factor for the new network, which is owned by Tele2 coupled with Telenor.

About Tele2 customer service

Tele2 has a easily accessible and very knowledgeable customer service. If companies need to contact support this is can be done either via phone or e-mail. Ordinary opening hours for phone contact is on weekdays between 08:00-18:00. Beyond these hours you can also call a  number to directly get in contact with the support.

As a customer with Tele2 you receive an individual login where you can easily access your existing services, order new and cancel the ones that are no longer in need. You also get an an overview of your consumption and can choose to purchase extra surf.

If you want help by e-mail you will have to fill in a form before support contacts you. In the form you will have to provide information of what section of Tele2 the issue is regarding and explain more thoroughly. In that way the support has the ability to find a solution in advance.

Full covering telephony solutions for companies

Tele2 is Sweden’s second biggest actor that offers broadband and telephony solutions for individuals as well as companies. They offer singular subscriptions or hardware as well as extensive bundle solutions. Companies choose services after their different needs and requests.

There are practical solutions for both small to big companies and different environments. An ordinary office in a modern setting can handle ordinary hardware. However, if your company is located in a damp or dusty environment there are special formed hardware to are able to handle this.

If it’s stable and reliable connections that are most important for the company, Tele2 can be an adequate supplier of mobile services. Here you will find re-thinking company solutions and steady updates to best fulfill customer needs. With the new 5G network in entry, Tele2 is an actor on the forefront.

Updated 2019