PBX service in the cloud

Companies are, in increasing numbers, changing to cloud-based IT systems, as it provides both better IT capabilities and streamlines internal workflow. Of course, this also applies to the telephony, as well.
Maintenance-free technology with our cloud-based exchange solution

Maintenance-free technology with our cloud-based exchange solution

Our exchange solution is 100% cloud-based. You do not need to own any exchange technology for it to function. We ensure that all technology, hardware, software, connections, capacity, redundancy and security are always maintained in absolute top class, so that you don’t have to think about maintenance yourself. Moreover, it is entirely up to you which functions each user should have, so that you can always be sure that the technology is meeting each employee’s needs.

A scalable service that can grow with your needs

A scalable service that can grow with your needs

The optimal set-up of a cloud exchange is flexible and needs to be adapted to reflect the company’s journey.

A cloud PBX is scalable, almost infinity. This means that you can, both quickly and easily, let your corporate change grow in step with your company. With a few keystrokes, you can easily start up new subscriptions and users in our self service portal. And if you would rather our support help you, they will, of course, help you.

What are we going to do with the PBX now that we are moving?

All you need at your new address is an internet connection to be able to place and receive calls as usual. Moving a telephone exchange couldn't be easier.

No hardware investments

With a fixed office PBX, you need to have the physical hardware somewhere in the premises. In addition to being bulky, they are also expensive to repair and update. With a cloud-based exchange, you avoid all the hassle of a location-based switch.

High performance and reliability

With a cloud-based PBX solution at your company, you can be sure that you always have the latest version of the technology. And with the latest technology and careful backups, we ensure a 99.99% uptime.

Completely carrier-independent

Our PBX solution is completely carrier independent. Our corporate PBX works just as well whether you choose Telia, Telenor, Tre, Tele2 or Soluno’s own subscription. Should you wish to change the operator you can do this without having to tear up the entire switch.

Simple to use and install

Simple to use and install

Our switchboard solution is one of the most advanced in the market and simultaneously incredibly simple to use and implement. An experienced project manager helps you from day one with training, tips and advice to put your customers’ experience at centre stage.

It doesn’t matter whether you choose a mobile connection, softphone or desktop phone – all solutions are equally user-friendly. Every user receives a video instruction that makes it simple for everyone to get started. It makes daily life much simpler for your administrator as all alterations are made directly online or via our support. Moreover, your accounts department obtains the industry’s neatest and clearest invoices.

A company sPBX that works with all carriers

The PBX solution is completely carrier-independent, which means that your company can use whichever mobile operator you like together with the PBX.

It enables you to retain your existing carrier if, for example, you have any commitment periods still in place or let employees who want to still have a certain amount of coverage have another operator, with a single switchboard. In addition you have the freedom to change carrier at any time without needing to worry about the PBX set up being affected. You always call cost-free within the sPBX regardless of carrier.

Create the right image

Create the right image

The right selection of functions such as a welcome message, dialing options, queue system, call groups and scheduled opening hours gives you the right conditions to respond to everyone who calls, in a way that boosts your company. Do you want to be perceived as large and global or fast and local?

Give your costumers world-class service

Give your costumers world-class service

You will obtain all the conditions to increase the company’s NPS (Net promoter score). Allowing your customers to send in support tickets via optional channels where your administrator can handle them in a single interface, or having a customer card open automatically in connection with phoning in, does not simply make it easier for your employees. You can also provide the customers with an efficient and personal service. We help you through integrating your other IT systems. Read more about all the possibilities here.

Single point of contact - one solution, one number, one contact

Single point of contact - one solution, one number, one contact

We help you with everything that has to do with corporate telephony. Whether it is exchange solutions, company subscriptions, ancillary services, add-on packages or hardware. So you only need to keep track of a single contact to support your telephony.

Fixed price per user and month

You pay a fixed price per user and month so that you avoid unexpected costs and only pay for what you are using, right now. A clearer overview of your costs makes it easier to keep a budget. Simple and efficient.

What do you get as an entrepreneur?

What do you get as an entrepreneur?

So what do you get if you buy Solunos PBX solution? All forms of connection include:

  • Telephone directory for the entire company
  • Card number for internal use
  • Call connection
  • See line status of colleagues
  • Referral system
  • Logging in and out of call groups
  • My pages on the web

Simple or advanced ACD group?

Depending on which functions you need for incoming calls, there are different ACD groups to choose from.

You pay a low monthly fee per call group and there is no limit on the number of agents simultaneously logged in. All employees see the call groups to which they have been allocated and can simply log in and out with optional connection.

Frequently asked questions about switchboard service in the cloud

What types of different extensions can you have in its cloud-based exchange service?

You can have both fixed and mobile telephony in your cloud-based switch. You can also have a softphone in your computer connected to your switch.

How much internet capacity is required for a cloud-based exchange to work?

Not much capacity is needed to use a cloud-based PBX. 200 Kbit per call is required. This means that even if you have a low capacity of 2 Mbit/s, you can have 10 people calling simultaneously with fully maintained quality in the conversation., provided that the line is completely dedicated to the exchange.

For how many users is a cloud-based exchange suitable?

The beauty of a cloud-based exchange is that it is scalable and flexible. Because it does not require any expensive dedicated hardware, it is significantly cheaper to implement than a fixed switch. Therefore, a cloud-based PBX fits all businesses, whether you are 4 or 40000 people working there.

What features are most commonly included in a cloud-based exchange?

In a cloud-based exchange there are plenty of useful features. Of course, you can receive and make calls both from your fixed number and your mobile number. Here you can also make calls, manage your own information and reference. All this can be done in both your softphone, ip-phone and your mobile app.

In the switch you create smart response groups to ensure that the customer comes to the right person with the right skills. If you are an administrator, you can also manage these groups and help log in and out users.


Latest update June 2021