Who’s Calling

We link together your existing CRM solution with our switchboard. The integration helps you to raise your level of service and simplifies your everyday work.
Collect everything in one place

Collect everything in one place

Simpler and more effective customer management does not just produce more completed tickets but also more satisfied customers and employees. All too often we make costly investments in new systems without utilizing their full potential. Soluno’s Who’s Calling guarantees that you can give your customers better service and avoid any duplication of work as you have everything collected in a single place.

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Immediate identification with Who's Calling

Immediate identification with Who's Calling

CRM-integration ensures that the customer card in your CRM-system is automatically displayed when a customer calls. This makes it simple to give customers a satisfactory reception and it is quick to make a start on dealing with the ticket. It is also possible to change the setting so that a customer card in the business system or case management system is displayed instead.

Sorry, where did you say you were calling from?

With Who's calling on site you never need to wonder who is calling, the customer card in the CRM system opens automatically when the customer calls in.

More efficient working method

The integration simplifies your work thanks to rapid customer identification with the CRM pop up and because everything is collected in one place.

More satisfied customers

Personal reception, more effective customer management and shorter resolution time guarantees more satisfied customers.

Customised integration

Integrate with the most popular business systems. If a connection is required that is not already available, we assist you with it.

Simplify your work

Soluno BC currently works with companies in several different sectors that have realised the positive effect of integrating their support system with their telephony. The results include increased sales, better customer care and more satisfied employees. One example of successful integrations are those that have been implemented among brokers. With integrated brokering programs, the customers have achieved positive and measurable efficiencies.

Customized solution

Customized solution

Our solution is available in several variants. You choose yourself which of them suits you best. Supplements are available for the Firefox and Chrome web browsers which provide simple and flexible integration. Increasing numbers of CRM systems also have specialised integrations which function in a similar way. And if you need integration with a new system, we can help you with that.

Install Who’s Calling

Have you ordered the service and want to download it? Here you will find links to the installation files for different browsers.

Some basic functions for Who's Calling

Some basic functions for Who's Calling

  • Notification of calls
  • Shared notes
  • Number retrieval
  • Call history
  • Customer- and person search

Frequently asked questions about Who's Calling

Which CRM systems are compatible with the service?

We have created infrastructure to be compatible with several CRM systems.

– Zendesk
– Upsales
– Salesforce
– Lime
– Hubspot
– Freshdesk

Do you want other CRM systems that you want to integrate Who’s calling? Contact one of our advisors and they will check if that’s something we can solve for you.

What does CRM-pop up means?

CRM-pop up means that a square pops up. The box can be seen in your browser or in your CRM-system, you choose the one that suits you best. In the pop up box, you can see information about the caller. You can choose if you want to get a larger box with a lot of information or a smaller box with only the basic information.

Can I see who is calling even if the contact is not in our CRM?

We have built Who’s Calling so that it searches for the contact both in your CRM system and at hitta.se. This means that the service is able to find information about the person calling even if he or she is not in your existing CRM, provided that the information exists at hitta.se.

For who does this service fit?

Who’s Calling suits both small and large companies because there is always a great advantage of getting good information about the inbound customer. All companies that deal with inbound customers, both new and existing, have a lot to gain with this service.

What browsers support this service?

Who’s Calling supports two different browsers, Firefox and Chrome.