TeleQ Callback

TeleQ creates the right conditions to provide the customer with a professional reception.
Customized for your company

Customized for your company

TeleQ Callback is a web-based service for telephone queue management which offers customers the option of an automatic callback at a set time. By entering the company’s work schedule into the system, TeleQ works out when it is possible to service the incoming call and schedule a callback. We adapt the function according to your needs and wishes. Of course we take your work schedule, available staff and call load into account.


This is how it works

Callback receives the call and asks the caller to key in or dictate his or her telephone number. Based on the number of incoming calls, their average length and the number of administrators, TeleQ Callback computes a scheduled callback and notifies the caller of an approximate time. As administrator, you can see all calls on your screen and can thus call at the designated time.

Your place in the queue is 42, if you would rather be called back press 1

Being called when it is your turn instead of waiting in long telephone queues is often a much appreciated supplementary function for those with a high load.

No missed calls

Save time

Better customer reception

More effective customer reception

More effective customer reception

You can choose to record your own greeting message in order to give the customer a personal reception. In order to obtain even more insights into how the call load changes and to find clear patterns, you can choose to integrate an analysis tool with the service.

TeleQ Callback has the functions:

  • Time specified callback function
  • Call number
  • Report and statistics function
  • 1 administrator place
  • TeleQ Online booking which allows you to, for example, book and cancel meetings directly online

TeleQ Callback Plus has the functions:

  • Time specified callback function
  • Call number
  • Report and statistics function
  • 2 administrator places
  • TeleQ Identification through personal identity number, journal connection (e.g. TakeCare), number presentation, automatic number (be called on the number from which you called)
  • TeleQ Categorization which prioritises calls according to schedule
  • Skills-based routing of calls
  • Voice mail plus
  • Voice mail
  • TeleQ Online booking where you can, for example, book and cancel meetings directly online

Frequently asked questions about TeleQ Callback

Does TeleQ work if you have a secret number?

You are prompted to enter your phone number so that the redial can be done. The number you enter is, of course, handled with privacy and is not disclosed to any external party. However, if you have a secret number that you do not want to publish, unfortunately, the service does not work.

Can you decide what time you want the callback?

You are offered a callback time, if this time does not work for you, you can choose to deny that time after which you are offered a new one. You can not choose time completely, but you can choose to deny a time you know you are unable to answer the call.

What happens if the customer does not respond to a callback?

If redials are unanswered, they are left in TeleQ callback, the agents can then make notes and possibly try to call again later.

Which companies and organizations usually use this service?

TeleQ Callback is used extensively by health centers and dentists as they have a high number of incoming calls for a short period of time. Other companies that often use the service are car dealerships and similar organizations that are unable to be available to receive calls throughout the working day.

Can you control which agents take what questions?

You can choose to create different queues in TeleQ, such as a queue for prescriptions, a queue for child health care, etc. The agents then log in to the interface and choose what types of issues they want to work with. This way you can control that the right agent take care of the right questions.