Use your mobile exchange, the website or the Softphone to invite internal and external participants, simply by pressing a few buttons.
Cost-effective solution for teleconferences

Cost-effective solution for teleconferences

Internal participants call cost-free within the exchange, and external participants only pay for an ordinary local call. The service has a fixed monthly fee for up to 10 simultaneous participants who have unlimited use of the service.

Only one number to keep track of

Only one number to keep track of

Choose a number for your conference number from your number series, which you then retain as your own. You receive a single number for all your teleconferences, but you can have different conferences underway simultaneously and only need to keep track of one telephone number.

This means that it is only the meeting code that is unique for each meeting. We also offer numbers and codes that are unique to an individual. One tip is to create a separate e-mail signature with your number and your codes.

Schedule your recurrent teleconferences and avoid having to set up a new one each time.

Setting up teleconferences and inviting participants is no more than a few pushes of a button away, regardless of whether you are out and about or not.

Easy to use

Conference internally & externally


Automatic confirmations and reminders

Automatic confirmations and reminders

When you book a teleconference, all participants receive an invitation via e-mail with information about time, telephone number and pin code. The meeting is booked directly in the recipient’s calendar as an ordinary calendar item with all information. An SMS goes out to all internal participants before the meeting starts. All information is also there, together with a clickable link which leads directly to the conference.

Frequently asked questions about Teleconference

What does it cost of using a conference call?

The actual telephone conference service has a fixed monthly fee, so up to 10 people can simultaneously use the service at the same time. The call is then free for internal participants who call via the exchange,  external participants the call costs only as a regular call through their operator.

How many simultaneous participants can you attend the conference call?

With the service you can be a total of 10 simultaneous participants. These participants can be in a single conference or several conferences.

Can you schedule recurring conferences?

You can easily schedule conferences. With a few keystrokes you can make the settings you want, when everything is booked, an invitation will be sent directly to the participants’ calendars as a regular calendar entry. Here you can also choose whether the conference call should be repeated, such as once a month. A solution that is very easy to administer.

Is it possible to invite external participants?

With our conference call, you can easily invite external participants. For them, the conference costs as a regular call through their operator.

Are there risks of crashes when everyone at the company uses the same conference number?

It is no problem to use the same conference number in several conferences at the same time. All you need to keep in mind is that the meeting code should be unique to each meeting.

Latest update June 2021