Soluno Workspace

As meetings today become increasingly less physical companies need effective cooperative tools as well as long distance meetings.
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With Soluno Workspace you get four functions in one package.

Users are used to smart tools and likewise expect applications that are similarly up to par in work as well as private life. To attract and keep workforce, companies must deliver an exceptional digital experience to its employees.


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MiTeam combines all different methods of communication, collaboration, and sharing in an integrated workflow that works everywhere, anytime and on any optional unit. The function follows the same usability despite interface (softphone and app). With to-do lists you can structure your work by creating smart activity lists that additionally are easy to share with colleagues.

Want to learn more? In this clip our CEO and CMO explain more about the MiTeam service.


Chat both internally and externally using MiTeam

Long distance meetings

Hold and participate in long distance meetings

Share Documents

Share documents with colleagues and external partners

Virtual Phonebook

Virtual Phonebook
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Information of a company’s own users is often one of its most crucial assets. Soluno Virtual Phonebook provides you with the information you need. The service is connected to the PBX which allows you to see your colleagues referral directly in the Virtual Phonebook. You are also able to search for more parameters such as name, title, field of responsibilities or place.

Want to learn more about what Virtual Phonebook can do for your company? Watch the clip where Mattias Ohde and Christian head explain more about the service.

Virtual Phonebook

A virtual phonebook

Different search paramaters

Search by title, name, place, responsibilities, etc.


See live status on contacts

Calendar Sync

Calendar Sync
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With Calendar Sync you can view each others’ activities without referral which in return vouches for good service. Through a simple interface when booking in your calendar or mobile you can easily manage and plan your availability in your PBX.

Watch this clip with CEO Mattias Ohde and our CMO Christian Hed and learn more about the Calendar Sync service.


G-Suite and Microsoft Exchange

Share calendars

View each others’ calendars in PBX

Automatic referral

Always get correct referrals

Conference Call

Conference Call

Use your mobile app, web or softphone to invite internal and external participants with only a few button clicks. Internal participants call without cost through PBX and external pay for a common local call.

Prices for Soluno Workspace


1-49 employees


50-99 employees

1 499kr/month

100+ employees

Latest update June 2021