Soluno Analytics

Get important insights from your powerful PBX via automatic reports and live statistics to make more data-driven decisions.

With Soluno Analytics you get three functions in one package

With Soluno Analytics you get a complete view of how your customers contact your company, how your staff performs, what goes well and what you need to strengthen in terms of your telephony and company PBX.


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Without really good information, it is difficult to verify that you have the right staffing in your customer service. Wallboard shows which agents are available or logged in, number of calls in queue, latest queue time, average queue time and how many missed calls you have.

So how can Wallboard help your company? Watch the film where our CEO Mattias Ohde and our CMO Christian Hed tell more about Wallboard.

SLA alarm via SMS and e-mail

Get automatic alarms sent directly to you.

Real time

All numbers are displayed in real time.

Incoming calls

See statistics on incoming calls.


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Reports makes it possible to analyze and follow up the company’s communication patterns via a simple and powerful interface. With the system you can create reports that are adapted to your business, your wishes and needs. Of course, you can search for statistics based on desired parameters with different time periods, groups and users. You can then choose to save your selected parameters and allow the report to be sent automatically at selected times to selected persons. The tool helps you to continuously track important statistics and key ratios.

In this film you will see Solunos CEO Mattias Ohde together with CMO Christian Hed tell us more about the service.

Automatic reports

Create your dream report, which is then automatically sent to you the recipients of your wish.


Follow important key performance indicators over time to make data-driven decisions.


Along with services showing real-time numbers, Reports complements with historic figures.

Soluno Analytics pricing


1-49 employees


50-99 employees

1 499kr/month

100+ employees

Latest update June 2021