Mobile coverage

With more companies switching to mobile solutions, the demand for coverage to function at all times is also increasing.
Better indoor coverage with repeater solution

Better indoor coverage with repeater solution

For various reasons, mobile coverage does not always function as it should indoors – and it can lead to lost business. We therefore offer the Mobil Inomhustäckning service, which means that we install repeater equipment which redirects and distributes the radio signals in your office.

This is how it works

This is how it works

We first identify where in the property you want to have better coverage and which operator you want to use. We then measure both indoors and outdoors so that we can produce a design proposal and a quotation. When the order has been placed we agree on when the installation is to be performed. Obviously, we provide continuous support and service during the process.

Wait a second, I'm just going to move over to the window so that I can hear what you are saying.

Newly built buildings in particular often have problems with indoor coverage, but it doesn't need to be especially expensive or complicated to remedy.

Improved signal strength

Higher speech quality

Better network capacity

Mobil indoor coverage

The standard package includes a 3G repeater for small premises. It is possible to adapt it for all operators and it can be reconfigured when you change operator – but it must always be adapted to a specific operator. It can be expanded with more internal aerials if necessary. This repeater is suitable for premises with open areas of up to approximately 500 square metres and about 12 users at the same time.

Mobil indoor coverage

The plus package includes a fully automatic and easy-to-use band selective 3G repeater for the 2100 MHz band. This repeater covers up to about 3,000 square metres and has capacity for about 50 users at the same time. Perfect for an office, house, small industrial building or warehouse etc. Also available for GSM 900 and 1800. This repeater solution can be adapted for several operators at the same time.

Five benefits of Mobile indoor coverage

  • Improved signal strength
  • Higher mobile speech quality
  • Higher mobile data speed
  • Better utilization of radio waves
  • Better network capacity

Frequently asked questions about Mobile indoor coverage

Which operators can strengthen indoor coverage with?

It is possible to strengthen the indoor coverage of the 4 major networks: Telenor, Telia, Tele2 and 3.

On what frequency can you boost the indoor coverage? For example, 2G, 3G, 4G?

The most common thing is to strengthen the 3G coverage, if necessary. It is also possible to boost the 2G frequency, but it is very unusual as few use it today.

Do we need any permission from PTS, the Mail and telephoneboard, to strengthen the coverage?

The answer here is yes. A permit from the Mail and telephoneboard is required to strengthen the indoor coverage. This is something that we at Soluno will help with when you buy reinforcement via us, it is part of our service.

How does the installation work?

When ordering mobile phone coverage, we will send a technician to the site in question. Here are measurements taken and amplifiers installed. You do not need to do anything, we take care of everything.

What happens if you change operator? Can you change the settings?

In cases where you change your operator, we can change the settings of the amplifiers. A technician then comes out, for a fee, and puts the new settings in place.

What does it mean to buy this as a service?

With this service, you get better coverage at a fixed price. You get a fixed monthly fee and you buy the service monthly which makes it easy to terminate if you would like to.