Go Communicator

With Go Communicator you get an application that provides APIs that enable integration between our telephony and the particular CRM system your company uses.
Go Communicator by Soluno

Go Communicator by Soluno

Go Communicator is a service that enables integration between corporate telephony and a variety of CRM systems. To use the service, you need to download a client and then install it on your computer. You can download the client by clicking the button below.

Preview calls

By getting important information about the customer directly, you can provide efficient and professional service while at the same time making the customer feel seen.

Contakt pop-up

Click on the customer’s contact card quickly and easily directly from the call and make important notes that end up in the right place.

Click to call

No need to switch between different applications without calling the customer directly from the contact card in the CRM system.

What does Go Communicator do?

Go Communicator gives you access to a host of new features linked to your business phone. Previewing calls instantly gives you important information about the customer. You can also click on the contact card to get directly to the right customer image in your integrated business application. Integrated search and activity log and a click-to-dial feature that allows you to call directly from your CRM system.

Ideal for international markets

Ideal for international markets

Go Communicator helps you stay at the forefront of an international market with increased demands for seamless integrations. With over 30 different languages in the client, you assure yourself that colleagues in other countries can also use the system.