Soluno Customer Service

With the right tools you can provide your coworkers with motivation and prerequisites entailed to take your service to the next level.
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With Soluno Customer Service you get three functions in one package

Soluno Customer Service is aimed towards companies that have inherently understood that customer experience is crucial to stand out from the crowd. This package provides your coworkers with the prerequisites needed to take your service to the next level.

Who's Calling

Who's Calling
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See who’s calling directly in your browser. Easier and more efficient customer management not only means more finished deals but also more satisfied customers and coworkers.

Lean more by clicking the video and listen to CEO Mattias Ohde together with CMO Christian Hed explain more about the service.


Who’s Calling automatically searches if the contact exists within the PBX.


Integrated with a number of popular CRM-systems.

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The service also automatically conducts searches on Eniro.

Virtual Phone Q

Virtual Phone Q
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Virtual Phone Q gives your customers the opportunity to let a bot hold your place in the phone queue whereas you get a callback on a predestined time. The service provides your customers with better service as well as relieve your support or reception when workload is high. The customer is able to leave a phone number in order to be contacted by an available agent to avoid waiting out a phone queue

Want to learn more about VPQ? Join us at Studio Soluno where Mattias Ohde and Christian Hed explain more about the service and its assets.

Waiting time

No waiting time for customers

Choose management

Manual or automatic management


Even out highs and lows.

Web Callback

Web Callback
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The service helps customers get in contact with companies in a comfortable way through the Callback function, directly or at a time suited to the customer. Web Callback is a operator solution that can connect your website visitors to your company within a few seconds.

Watch our CMO Christian Hed together with CEO Mattias Ohde explain more about how Callback works.

Creating leads

Convert visitors on the website


Offer smooth visual management.

Easy queue system

Ends up in the same queue as VPQ.

Prices for Soluno Customer Service


1-49 employees


50-99 employees

1 499kr/month

100+ employees

Latest update June 2021