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Our Contact Center makes it simpler to give customers what they want, resolve issues more quickly and produce a more professional impression.
Advanced customer service is a competitive advantage

Advanced customer service is a competitive advantage

The benefits of a Contact Center are numerous. When products are converted into services, it is precisely fast and personal service that will be the difference between you and the competitors. Our Contact Center is the fastest growing in the industry and is integrated with Puzzel.

All channels gathered in the same place

All interfaces create tickets to a single system – you therefore obtain a clear overview and can prioritise correctly. Being able to meet the customer directly in the channel selected will mean that you are perceived as flexible and professional. Regardless of whether customers choose to complete a form online, send an e-mail, chat, call or use social media, all tickets go into the right queue, to the right person with the right priority and in a single location.





Effective both internally and externally

Effective both internally and externally

Optimise your resources with information that enables you to staff queues and media channels correctly. You can select whether a ticket should receive higher priority and which persons should have access to respective media channels. Properly set up, it works equally well externally as internally for questions concerning, for example, sales support or technical support.

Someone tweeted us a question – should we answer it?

With our Contact Center solution you get a professional customer service that collects all cases from different channels in one single interface and then forwards it to the right agent and with the right priority.

World-class customer service

Advance and streamline customer service by gathering all channels in one place and analyzing communication patterns using advanced reports.

Adapt as needed/Customize as needed

Add on or remove licenses as needed, while only paying for what you actually use. Thanks to the solution being web-based, you can use it anywhere in the world.

Maximum security

Should any of the systems presumably be down, there are others available as the systems are integrated with each other.

Advanced reports

Advanced reports

Using our advanced reports gives you knowledge about customer- and administrator behaviour which is often a prerequisite for being able to move matters in the right direction. A good way to increase the team spirit of employees is to work towards common goals where they can actually see that they are making a difference.

Our Contact Centre is completely independent and flexible

Our Contact Centre is completely independent and flexible

The system is entirely web-based and flexible – it doesn’t matter where you are located geographically, which platform or which operating system you are using, which telephone operator you have or even which switchboard service you have. Increase and decrease the number of administrators as needed and only pay for what you actually use. Connect functions as you grow into the solution and reallocate the recourses based on your needs.

Maximum security thanks to integration with Puzzel

Our Contact Center and our switchboard are in turn integrated with Puzzel. This means that we can offer Sweden’s most secure telephony solution. For in the unlikely event that a system was to go down, Soluno and Puzzel back each other up. If the switchboard service was to go down you can still log into the Contact Center solution and connect with whichever number and telephone you wish. If Puzzel was to go down, then you can use your softphones instead and the calls will get through as they should.

Chat bots at contact centers

Chat bots at contact centers

In a world where the demands for fast and personal service are increasing, so-called chatbots are synonymous with the future of many Contact Centers.

A chat bot is a program, built on artificial intelligence (AI), created to interact with people via a specific interface. Through its automation, a bot can handle a large number of the common issues that often make up the majority of the cases that come into a contact center today. Streamlining these matters can in turn free up time for physical agents to deal with the more complex issues.

We are seeing a huge increase in interest in chatbots and in just a few years, most companies in the world are predicted to have implemented some form of AI.

Frequently asked questions about Contact centers

For which companies are a Contact center suitable for?

A Contact center is perfect for both large and small companies that have a lot of incoming traffic from contacting customers. Additionally, if the company has multiple input channels for being contacted, such as telephony, email, chat and social media – then it can be extra interesting with such a service because all these channels are managed through the same interface. The service is often used in e.g. healthcare, financial services, government, retail and telecommunications.

Which social platforms are supported by Contact centers?

A Contact Center manages many different platforms in one single  interface. You can, among other things, have telephony, chat, email and social media such as Facebook and Twitter in the same management system. There are also integrations for services such as Swish and the ID-kollen. In addition, you can integrate different CRM-systems as well as management systems such as Zendesk. Simply put, you get everything in one place.

Provide examples of features you get in a Contact Center that is not in a regular phone exchange

A big difference between a regular switch and a Contact Center is that you can handle multiple channels in one and the same interface. A Contact Center is also a good solution if you have high service level agreement (SLA) requirements from your customers.

What is meant by Omnichannel?

Omnichannel is a content strategy that helps companies improve the user experience of their customers. Instead of working simultaneously with multiple communication channels, a collaborative cross-channel experience is being built together. Omnichannel simply means collecting everything in one place.

What does a Contact Center cost?

Of course, this response may vary depending on different factors. However, a Contact Center usually costs about 800-1000 kr per agent and month.

Latest update June 2021

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