Calendar connection

A simple operation when making bookings in calendar or mobile, you can control and plan your availability in your telephone switchboard.
Schedule future referrals

Schedule future referrals

Add fixed weekly meetings or planned holiday in advance and have the referrals synchronize automatically. The telephonists and other employees thus see whether you have an on-going or forthcoming meetings booked in the calendar. It means that the telephonist doesn’t have to be uncertain about connecting any calls, but rather can give the person calling the right information directly about whether you are busy and when you can be reached again. The most common referrals via our app function perfectly in combination with Calendar connection.

Smart, simple and effective

You decide the design of the function yourself and what the interaction with the switchboard will be. Through simple and predetermined keywords that are specified in connection with booking in the calendar, the switchboard can see which commands you in particular have selected and how the connection’s status is to be to shown. Keywords which change status might for example be:

• m: meeting
• h: holiday

In this way you can choose yourself the meetings to which you do not want to be referred and also schedule fixed weekly meetings or add holidays in advance. It means that you are always referred when you want to be. As an alternative you can, as a customer, select that all bookings in the calendar automatically generate the busy status and that this alerts the switchboard. The telephonist and other colleagues see that you are busy in that a small red calendar is lit beside your user in softphone. The icon can also be clicked in order to obtain more information. Softphone also displays whether anyone has a meeting within one hour, so that no-one is connected who is en route into a meeting.

Who is at lunch at 4 'o'clock in the afternoon? Could he have forgotten his referral perhaps?

Have your calendar control your phone, it is easy to forget to refer yourself, and perhaps even more difficult to remember to make yourself available again.

Provide perfect service

Having the person calling automatically receive information about your availability means that you always provide the right expectations.

Always correctly referred

Schedule future meetings and events in the calendar and have the system refer you automatically.

Use optional unit

It doesn’t matter which unit you choose to use when you add meetings, the functionality is the same.

Calendar connection with optional unit

Calendar connection with optional unit

It doesn’t matter whether you use PC/Mac, iPhone Android or tablet. The service works with all units.

Technical prerequisites

Outlook calendar 
Exchange servers that are needed for the service to function are Exchange 2007, 2010 and Office 365. You also need a public EWS address that is set to basic authentication.
Google Calendar 
For the service to function, a user is required with whom everybody shares their calendar.

Frequently asked questions about Calendar connection

Does all calendar entries affect the reference in the switch?

No, all calendar entries do not even affect referral in the switch. Only calendar entries tagged with the correct shortcut are affected, eg: M or: L. This way you can still have calendar entries in your work calendar that is personal.

Will you be automatically available again after a meeting has ended?

Yes, as soon as your meeting is over, you will be available again in your switch. That way, you will never have to, by mistake, be referred to as in a meeting an entire day because you forgot to change your referral. The switch also knows when people are about to enter a meeting so that the operator does not divert calls to a person who will attend a meeting in a few minutes.

Can you still manually overwrite a reference?

Yes, you can make manual changes to change your reference. These manual changes always take precedence over the shortcuts that are made in the calendar.

Which calendars support this feature?

Outlook and Google Calendar are supported by our Calendar connection. It also works with Office 365 for smaller businesses with up to 50 users.

Can only some people in the company use this service?

No, unfortunately, not only selected users can get theCalendar Connection service. When the service is switched on, all the company’s PBX users will have the service activated.

Latest update sept 2019

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