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2019-03-18 #Permalink

Staffing planning launched for Virtual Phone Q

Virtual Phone Q, Solunos solution to easily and effectively manage bookings, now has support for planning staffing. Staffing was previously only calculated from the number of available agents. With staffing planning you can instead in an easy way add exakt opening hours that apply or manage the number or bookings.

The functionality is now available for both our customers and partners, and is included in the basic service.

2019-01-09 #Permalink

Soluno upgrades 12/1

Upgrade occurs the night between Saturday and Sunday 12/1-13/1

  • Soluno Softphone 5.0.1  available the 13th of January with the following improvements:
    – Direct transfer
    When a transfer is done in the attendant view, the call will be released directly, so that the agent can start receiving or making calls again. This behaviour can be turned on or off in settings.
    – Response groups in attendant view
    Response groups that you’re a member of are now scaled better than before, where some groups didn’t always show up in the Softphone.
    – Notification in MiTeam after downloading
    Notification of a downloaded file now disappears automatically after a while. This notification was previously stuck until you clicked on it.
2018-11-19 #Permalink

Soluno softphone 4.11.4 available the 26th of November

New parameters to manage how the softphone acts when calls are connected from an attendant group. 

Fixed bugs:

  • macOS Mohave needs access to the microphone (after upgrading macOS needs permission to access the microphone, this isn’t allowed by default).
2018-09-10 #Permalink

Soluno launches new softphone version 4.11.2 the 13th of September

New version is installed the night to tTuesday the 13/9 and will be available for download thereafter.

Fixed bugs:

  • Softphone crashes when you switch between different views
  • Scaling is incorrect when you change size of the softphone
  • One way sound from softphone to SNOM phones when the call has been wait transferred
  • Changed shortcuts on macOS for “Hide” and “Hang up”
  • Softphone can now use different call unit than the system standard unit
  • Bug where it’s not possible to use the arrows to navigate in the search result list
  • Numbers show instead of names when calls are received from Outlook contact list
  • Can’t connect with hotkeys in ACD view
  • Bug when searching for a contact from softphone that isn’t in the default Outlook catalogue
2018-04-05 #Permalink

2018-04-07 New Softphone prepared for GDPR

Soluno launches a new Softphone that is prepared for GDPR that is put in place the 25/5 2019.

Before GDPR:

  • Deletes user data during uninstallation of the software
  • Cached data in the Softphone is now removed automatically every 14th day
  •  Data logs no longer collect information that is irrelevant for the purpose of the logs


Fixed bugs:

  • Sporadic log outs.
  • Search for function number no longer get stuck after the search.
  • The indication to transfer calls will now show up during all scenarios where transfer is possible.
  • Plantronics drives no longer make the Sotfphone crash.
  • Behaviour when you transfer with the keypad is now the same as when you transfer with the computer mouse.
  • Future referral permission is now fixed so that you can read other’s future referrals without having the permission to change.
  • Activate Minimal contac list now activates instantaneously, compared to the previous need to restart the Softphone.
  • Bug where called external number showed up in contact list is now fixed.
  • Now it says hidden number in the Softphone instead of unknown when you call someone with protected number.
  • It’s now possible to anser calls with the Enter button again! If you want and activate it under settings of course.
2018-04-03 #Permalink

2018-03-01 New branding

Soluno launches a new, common branding for all customers.
This means that we have visually updated the Apps (IOS and Android) Softphones (PC and Mac) and log ins to my pages to our new graphic profile.

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