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To be Soluno's partner

To be Soluno's partner

As a partner to Soluno, you can choose between four types of approach based on what profile you have as a company. Do you only want to focus on sales and let Soluno handle all the delivery and all support for your customers? Do you want to take a bigger commitment and take care of the entire delivery process and support yourself? Do you have leads that you think can be potential customers to us? Or do you want to own the entire process, from seed to harvest, and become a full-fledged Wholesale Partner?

Regardless of which, we have a partner concept that suits your business.


We are one of the most expansive CPaaS suppliers on the market and provide companies with complete solutions for telephony and communication. We have collaborated with Resellers and Wholesale Partners for many years now, and in the meantime have accumulated a wealth of experience in supporting partners and helping them to get started, so that they succeed with our concept. We currently have 20 Wholesale partners operating in 5 different countries which together include 165,000 users in 30 different countries. We also have over 100 resellers operating in Sweden.

The platform

The platform

We offer an industry-leading exchange solution that is completely cloud-based. The end customer does not need to own any technology, and we ensure that everything from hardware, software, connections, capacity and security is updated and maintained. The solution offers the same scalability as a mobile solution, while providing the same stability as a fixed solution. We also offer the opportunity to choose between working with desk phones, softphones or our mobile application.



Different companies have different needs when it comes to telephony and its ancillary services. While some companies need tools to help them improve their customer service, others may need more information on how and when customers contact them. Some companies want better control over how employees perform while others want to increase productivity and improve collaboration. We have lots of additional services, both the ones we built ourselves and the ones we integrated our platform towards, to ensure that the end customer gets the extra functionality that the company needs.


We continuously work to add new integrations to our repertoire. With your solution you can integrate your CRM-systems to help your customers in a seamless way. We also offer integrations with applications such as Microsoft Teams that allows you to turn your daily applications into a powerful business telephony system. We also offer custom integrations to suit your needs.

Why becoming a partner?

Why becoming a partner?

We at Soluno have had many years to work on and refine our collaboration with various partners. We have developed processes and routines to be able to train and onboard new partners in an effective way. With digital tools and portals, we have the tools you need for a successful partnership. In addition, we have dedicated partner managers and specialised support, who work specifically with our partners and their customers, so that you always get the support you need.

All so that we can succeed together!


We offer a flexible cloud solution that can be scaled according to your needs and preferred way of working.


Customize your offer and partnership by choosing what you would like to integrate with our offer.

100 % CLOUD

Our solution is completely cloud-based, which provides an innovative as well as reliable solution that is always up to date.


Our partner program offers expert assistance to help you enter and excel in the market.


As pioneers in Sweden in introducing Cloud Communications, we can offer extensive experience from the industry.


Own your solution and choose to what extent by designing your integrated offer and partnership.

Our partner portals

Our partner portals

As a partner to Soluno, you get access to exclusive portals, specifically designed to help and facilitate your cooperation with us. We have a portal for all your needs, everything from creating agreements, training, service to your customers and information and product sheets.

Knowledge is strength

Knowledge is strength

As a partner, you will have access to all the tools needed to succeed. One of those tools is our education portal, MyAcademy. Here you can find courses for everything you and your colleagues may need. MyAcademy is an e-learning portal where you can complete the courses your service requires, at a time that suits you. Everything in an interactive and smooth way. This, in combination with webinar and one-on-ones, will give you a solid information base while you can constantly build and improve your knowledge about the latest in telecom.

In MyAcademy, my employees get the education they need to be able to help our end customers in the best way

Selling a product or service becomes so much easier if you have the right knowledge. When you as partner to us at Soluno have access to the latest information regarding our systems, it will in turn lead to you being able to create unique solutions, adapted to what your customer needs.

Technical know-how

Through continuous training, you can ensure the continued development of the technical know-how of all parties involved.


MyAcademy is an internet-based tool that can be accessed by all stakeholders for the most effective dissemination of knowledge as possible.

Best practice

The platform is a tool that helps you provide your customers with first-class and knowledgeable service, through all stages in the customer journey.

Our Wholesale concept

Our Wholesale concept

Together with our Wholesale Partners, we reach companies, all over Europe, with our Mobile-First concept and can make a real impression, close to your end users. We believe in what we call True Wholesale, where our partners own their customers entirely, from brand to sales, delivery, support and invoicing. That way we can be local and global at the same time.

Meet some of our Wholesale Partners

Read about some of our Wholesale Partners, what they do, how they have integrated their offer and how they work.

HFO Germany
By partnering with Soluno, we can offer our customers a high-performance, complete solution for corporate communication, including certified MS Team connections. The numerous additional functionalities in the areas of integration, statistics, customer satisfaction and collaboration complete the offer.
Jörg Jahn
Wholesale Country Manager Germany
Marley Comms
We partnered with Soluno after careful consideration, it is refreshing to work with a company who take all aspects of their business as seriously as we do, their technical support is second to non and a breath of fresh air in our industry, we are very pleased with our decision to partner with Soluno in the UK.
Paul - Murray
Managing Director
Marley Comms
For PrimeQ it's crucial to collaborate with suppliers that respect our role on the market and let us own our customer agreements. The collaboration with Soluno suits us perfectly because it helps us add avalue to our company while also having a stable and innovative partner backing us up.
Fredrik Thörnberg
Business Manager Telephony
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Become our reseller

We have developed different arrangements to be able to meet your specific partner needs. Choose if you want to handle both sales and support, if you only want to sell or if you have potential customers for us, where we handle sales and you receive compensation.

The sales approach

The sales approach

The sales plan is suitable for you who want to focus on sales in the first place and do not want to take care of delivery and support for your customers. Once you have the agreement signed and uploaded to Soluno, our delivery department takes over and ensures that the customer gets started with their solution in the best way. In this arrangement, you do not have to take care of the support, your customers instead have direct contact with Soluno’s own support.

The technical reseller approach

The technical reseller approach

The technology approach is suitable for you who have your own service technicians and a delivery department and want to take care of delivery and support for your customers. You are responsible for the entire sales process from signed agreement to operation and support. Of course, our experienced technicians are just a phone call or email away, if needed.

The leads approach

The leads approach

The leads arrangement is for you who have contact with companies that may be potential customers to us at Soluno. When you refer leads that becomes customers, you will receive a compensation, a percentage of the total order value.

Partner managers

Jonas Engelin

Johan Nyberg

Partner Manager, Stockholm and northern Sweden

Lars Johansson

Partner Manager, Gothenburg and southern Sweden
+46 31 352 40 41

Ludwig Rydin

Partner Manager, Gothenburg and central Sweden
+46 31 352 40 43

Maria Qvint

Indoor Partner Account Manager

Sandra Andersson

Partner Manager, Stockholm and northern Sweden
+46 8 120 100 22

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