Interested in becoming a Wholesale Partner?

As a Wholesale Partner you sell Soluno’s services under your own brand. We help you to set up all services, shorten your start-up period and provide you with day-to-day support.

We are currently looking for collaborative partners in Europe.

We are interested in operators or telecommunications companies, service providers, switchboard integrators and IT suppliers that want to integrate their solutions with telephony. You might have an existing customer base to which you would like to sell more, or a technological platform that needs to be elevated to the next level?

This is what we help you with

This is what we help you with

Unified Communications and Cloud PBX
With Cloud PBX, customers can use their connections such as mobile phone, fixed telephone, IP-dect and Softphone in an optional combination. The applications can also be combined with an optional operator and based on Mitel’s latest technology, which is one of the world’s leading platforms within UCaaS (Unified Communications as a Service). White Label means that you can use your own brand on all products and services.

Example of how the connections could be packaged

Lots of services to add

Lots of services to add

In addition to Cloud PBX, customers can easily add other relevant services, e.g. Teleconference, Reports, Wallboard, CRM Connection, Call Recording and many more. With Soluno’s open APIs it is also simple to integrate with third party applications that are of interest, e.g. Salesforce.

For examples of how these services can be packaged

Become an independent operator – traffic

Soluno is also an operator (in Sweden as an MVNO in Telenor’s network), which as a Wholesale Partner in Sweden you can offer yourself under your own brand. It includes both fixed and mobile traffic and gives you the opportunity to really become an overall supplier.
If you want to became an independent operator in Europe, contact us and we will assist you with everything from contacts in relation to billing and routing to number management etc.

For examples of how mobile packages can be configured

Simple to reach the market

Soluno’s proven Go to Market model guarantees a controlled and effective roll out, where we can provide solid tips and advice surrounding everything from price, packaging, contract sales strategies and branding etc.


Besides our proven Go to Market model, we also train service technicians, support staff and salespersons in all administration tools within Cloud PBX, Services and Traffic. You can also learn how to deliver your own training courses for users, administrators and superusers (e.g. telephonists).

Service and support

As a Wholesale Partner you receive regular updates, certifications and, it goes without saying, associated training. As a partner you deal with initial support yourself, but can feel secure that Soluno’s technical support is available as back up if required. World-class service and support is something that Soluno is passionate about – not just in relation to end customers and retailers, but also in relation to our Wholesale Partners. What we mean by excellent service and support is rapid response times, a high level of expertise and short turn around times in combination with very stable operational reliability.

Even more reasons to collaborate with Soluno

We have a tried and tested model which is ideal for Wholesale Partners. Choosing us gives you numerous benefits and simultaneously means that you avoid a lot of hassle. Or what about:

Low risk

No need to develop yourself, avoid burdensome investments and gain the most competent collaborative partner to grow together with.


The concept enables you to start on a small-scale and simultaneously be sure that you can grow as big as you want – with no limitations.

Expert assistance

Sweden is one of the most advanced countries in terms of developments in the internet, IT and telephony. This means that Soluno has more experience of Mitel and Cloud PBX than anyone else in the world.

Flexibility and independence

All of our services are ideal to connect together with optional operators, peripheral systems and applications. The question is precisely how you want to package or integrate the services to satisfy the customers in your domestic market?

Rapidly on the market

Time to market – time is money and there is nothing more frustrating than large projects that are never completed. We can ensure that you are on the market in just a few months.

Own brand

Strengthen your own brand by launching it on the products and thus increasing the prospects of having loyal customers and consolidating your position in the market.

For more information, please contact:


Andreas Johnsson
+468 120 100 01


Martin Norling
+4631 352 40 47

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