Tips & Tricks

How to get ready to host a great webinar

Because of the pandemic, we are seeing a boom in webinars produced by companies. Webinars have always been a great content tool, but it has surged in popularity the last year due to most conferences and meetings being held online. And since this is the new norm, it’s the perfect timing to provide some tips … Continued

Team building in MS Teams through virtual games

Team building is essential in any team but may be even more crucial for teams that operate online. Not only does it help foster collaboration, but it also boosts team spirit among employees. However, the usual chit chat by the coffee machine, or the occasional foosball game after lunch just doesn’t exist in the online … Continued

5 things to look for when buying a new telephony system

Choosing a telephony system is a tricky task. In addition to being a fairly technical service that is fraught with abbreviations and complex terminology, office telephony is also business-critical. If you choose a service that does not live up to what has been promised or that cannot handle your company’s specific requirements, both customers and … Continued