Modern workplace

5 apps to help you save time in your work day

Nobody likes to waste time on unnecessary things, that’s pretty obvious. But something that surely everyone likes is to save time on necessary things. Juggling a hectic work life with many things to keep track of, at the same time, is not always easy. When you complain that you are stressed, some people answer with … Continued

Companies that take responsibility

Of course, it is important that private individuals do their part when it comes to the environment, society and the economy. To travel in more environmentally friendly ways, recycle, choose environmentally friendly energy suppliers, do what you can for other people and perhaps donate money to charity. Everyone has a personal responsibility to leave a … Continued

5 best Teams integrations to try in 2021

With over 75 million users worldwide since its launch in 2016, it goes without saying that Teams is extremely popular and especially within companies. When included in daily workflows, it can be incredibly useful for companies that want to streamline their operations. Although Teams already offers a wide range of benefits in itself, it also … Continued

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