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Destiny CEO om sitt öde att förvärva Soluno

Destiny’s recent acquisition of Soluno has been written in the stars for years, it was just a matter of getting the timing right, according to Group CEO Daan de Wever. The Belgian comms provider recently gobbled up Swedish pair Soluno and Telepo for undisclosed sums to become the largest UCaaS platform provider in Europe with expected revenues of €170m.

Microsoft Patches Teams Security Vulnerability

The threat would have been an easy ‘in’ for attackers along with extended access to emails, messages, and personal files, researchers say. Microsoft recently patched a security flaw found in its team collaboration app, Microsoft Teams.

“Let Them Eat Cake!”

Mutuality is a potent force in business. And for the channel – it is the dynamic that sits at the heart of everything. From carrier to network; Managed Service Provider to Value Added Reseller; and all the way to the end user: inter-dependency is everywhere, because when one partner succeeds, others benefit too – a slice of someone else’s very large cake is better than having your own, much smaller one. Right? So how to maximise your share? Where are the big economies of scale.

Soluno on Skills, Scale and Sales

How portal power can educate your teams AND drive new business. Portals are where it’s at: and for reseller partners looking to onboard and service new customers quickly and easily, they are an increasingly important part of the wider pre-sales proposition. “Automated onboarding is efficient and scalable: two words which routinely sit at the very top of most of our partners’ wish lists,” says Christian Hed, Chief Marketing Officer at rapidly-expanding European UCaaS giant, Soluno.