Cloud Comms Summit 2020 – How do we serve changing customer demands?

What does the market look like today?

We live in a time where development is happening faster than ever. But the great thing about humanity is that we tend to be very swift when it comes to adapting to fast change. This is the kind of flexibility that also needs to be mirrored in the telecom market. It’s important not to get cornered, but instead create systems that are open to change, new possibilities and directions.

We inherently understand the importance of focusing on what we can do, and make the best out of it. In the areas where other’s are successors, we instead choose to integrate with. In that way we can combine the best form both systems and let customers choose what suits them the best. With smart integrations we can build an agile service that can follow the fast movements on the market.

We live in a mobile worlds, where the mobile is the core in everything we do. We pay tickers, bay bills, find our way in new cities, and turn on the lights at home before we’re even there. Why shouldn’t this be reflected your office? Employees want to be able to work when it suits them. And to offer great technology to customers, also entails a digital workplace. Inhabiting the right technology can also help attract new workforce.

How do we server changing consumer demands?

An important part of what end-customers look for in a cloud-supplier is insightful pre-sales information and offer. As a CPaaS supplier we understand the importance of being close to end-customers through our wholesale partners. We were early birds with the cloud solution. In Sweden we made the journey as early as 2006, that today is happening all over Europe. We had to educate our customers in what a softphone actually is, and that a PBX can work in your mobile. Companies all around Europe are a little uncertain if the cloud really is all what is says to be. And from our experience form the Swedish and International market; it truly is.

Together with our wholesale partners we can serve local as well as international needs by seamlessly combining the best of both services and integrations. Our experience and platform, coupled with our partner’s local experience and offer – we’re able to create a holistic solution that speaks to the market in question. Our continuous work with partners during and after release is a crucial aspect in a successful partnership. This not only helps us understand the market better, but serves as an opportunity to create an insightful dialogue with our partners.

An important step in following and adapting to changing consumer needs, is the be ahead of the game with integrations that together with our platform serves as a complete omnichannel solution. Customers don’t want to feel forced to choose between services, let alone middle between different platforms. We therefore continuously work to add new integrations to our repertoire as well as customized solutions to our platform. This serves as a complete foundation for work, communication, and collaboration – and users can avoid spending time on building their own integrations and solutions to streamline work.

By Johan Wogel
Wholesale Country Manager UK
Challenging the development in the European cloud communication market, with one new wholesale partner at a time.

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