Women in IT

In my job interview for Soluno, my boss, Christian Hed, asked me if I was a technical person. I answered honestly, just as it was. “No, I’m not that technical, but I’m willing to learn. I got the answer that that attitude was the most important part, and the job became mine. Working with marketing … Continued

Happy New Year from all of us at Soluno

We would like to thank all customers, suppliers and partners for the past year. A year full of lessons, development and forward thinking. We at Soluno have worked hard to be able to deliver the same reliable corporate telephony, despite slightly more difficult circumstances, and we hope that all customers have felt our effort. Now … Continued

What can entrepreneurs expect in 2021?

A difficult and strange year is beginning to reach its end and we are many who are looking forward to a new and exciting 2021. A new year means that you get the chance to start on a new slate and maybe see a turn towards us returning to a little more normal world. The … Continued

Thank you so much!

Thank you! Christmas is approaching and we can all look forward to get some quality time with loved ones, even though the Christmas celebration looks different from most years. We can look back on the year as a good one, and state that we have a lot to be proud of. A year ago we … Continued