Mattias Ohde

Happy New Year from all of us at Soluno

We would like to thank all customers, suppliers and partners for the past year. A year full of lessons, development and forward thinking. We at Soluno have worked hard to be able to deliver the same reliable corporate telephony, despite slightly more difficult circumstances, and we hope that all customers have felt our effort. Now … Continued

What can entrepreneurs expect in 2021?

A difficult and strange year is beginning to reach its end and we are many who are looking forward to a new and exciting 2021. A new year means that you get the chance to start on a new slate and maybe see a turn towards us returning to a little more normal world. The … Continued

Salesforce is acquiring Slack

It has been rumored, in recent days, that Salesforce had a major acquisition underway. And now the mega-deal is done, Salesforce is buying Slack for $ 27.7 billion. Slack is one of many collaboration tools that have seen a positive curve since the start of the pandemic. Both when it comes to the number of … Continued

The auction of 5G in Sweden is put on hold

Many of us have been waiting for the Swedish 5G auction with great interest. Unfortunately, the auction has been postponed further due to the appeal from Huawei and Hi3G. It was a pretty big deal when Huawei and Hi3G were denied to take part in the bidding of the new 5G network in Sweden. And … Continued

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