Elin Gunnarsson

Chatbots: How Automated FAQ Functionality Can Power Your Profitability

For the time-starved customer with a question, using a chatbot means there is no need to call and sit in a queue for a human operative; or be bounced between departments in search of a resolution to their issue. For the service provider, there is no need to deploy an expensive and often-ineffective call centre function with all of the associated, resource-sapping costs which conspire against bottom-line growth. In today’s always-on world, the automated chatbot is the 24/7 antidote to costly, often-sluggish human customer service endeavours.

8 common claims and myths about cybersecurity

In a world where personal data is becoming more and more like a currency and where account information can leak, security on the internet is something you should take very seriously. But there are a lot of rumours and misconceptions about cyber security and it is difficult to know what is true and what is … Continued

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